Jessica Gregory: Alan and the Bully/A Baby’s Miracle

Hey readers,

Just wanted to introduce a new writer in my family; my niece Jessica Marie Gregory. I hope to have some more of my family posting stories on here really soon, I hope!  I want to make this a family blog and without further ado, here’s my niece Jessica!  Thanks for reading.

 From left to right: Amanda Gregory, Nick Reynolds, Jessica Gregory, Steven Reynolds.

My name is Jessica  Marie Gregory. I go to West Aurora High School  in Aurora, IL. I’m in 12th grade, so that means I graduate this year. (Yay!!) That’s my Aunt. LOL! 

I like to play sports, but I don’t play for any teams. I like to read and recently discovered a fondness for writing. I’m tall and I can be kind of weird, but weird can be a good thing.

(And I love my Aunt’s cooking!) That’s my Auntie again. LOL!!

 Jessica doing the wave for her cousins and myself. LOL!!


Alan and the Bully

The bell rang and the third grade students at Gregory Elementary School lined up full and ready to burn off their newly digested energy. The line leaders led the children through the doors that led from the lunchroom to any child’s paradise, the playground.

Kids ran and screamed at each other playing and having fun.

“Hey! You! Yeah, YOU! Bet you can’t catch me!”

“Yeah?! Bet I can!”

Ryan ran to some kids and yelled “HAHAHAHA! You guys don’t have friends! Wanna play? NOT! I don’t want to play with you! No one does!”

Alan saw how Ryan was making fun of the boys, so he decided to go and ask them if they wanted to play.

Alan walked over to the kids while Ryan stared at him. Alan looked at the kids and said, “I want to get a big game of tag going. You guys wanna play?”

The boys, glanced at Alan then back down to the ground, answered yes. Ryan looked sadly at Alan, so Alan asked him if he wanted to join in too.

Ryan yelled “No way! I don’t want to play with you…or them!” pointing at the boys he was making fun of. So, Alan and the boys walked away to go play tag.

Alan and a bunch of kids played tag for the remainder of recess. The bell rang and they all ran to go line up to go back to class.

The next day they went to recess and Alan saw Ryan sitting alone on the swings so he got on the swing next to Ryan.

Alan asked “Why are you sitting alone here? Why aren’t you playing? Its recess!”

Ryan replied “Well, I don’t wanna! None of these kids are cool…”

“Well, I’m cool. Wanna play with me?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

Alan jumped off the swing and clapped his hands and asked “What do you wanna play?”

Ryan said “I don’t know. What do you wanna play?”

Alan put his finger to his lips and wrinkled up his face and after a few seconds replied “Let’s play catch with the football!”

Ryan nodded his head in agreement and Alan took off running to go find a football and Ryan chased after him.

Alan and Ryan played catch for a bit. Then Alan said “Let’s get some more boys and we can get a bigger game!”

Ryan said “Okay.”

Alan went to the boys that Ryan had been picking on the other day and asked if they wanted to join, but seeing Ryan with Alan, they shook their heads no. Pointing at Ryan they said “He’s gonna try to hurt us if we play!”

Ryan wanting to impress Alan, his only friend, said “No, I won’t hurt you. I pinky promise!”

The boys looked at Ryan’s outstretched pinky and wrapped their pinkies around Ryan’s and said “Ok, we’ll play.”

Alan, Ryan and the boys all ran to make a circle and threw the ball around to each other.

Alan, seeing how much fun they were all having said they should play again tomorrow and they all agreed.

While the boys ran to line up Alan grabbed Ryan’s arm and pulled him back to where he was in line.

Alan, smiling from ear to ear, said quickly “Do you want to be my friend, Ryan? You’re really fun to play with!”

Ryan looked at Alan and wasn’t quite sure if he was being for real, but replied “Yes, I would like to be your friend.”

Everyday for recess Alan and Ryan would meet up and get a group of boys together to play games and Ryan finally had a friend, so he didn’t have to pick on others.


A Baby’s Miracle

     A young mother at a grocery store received a phone call from her husband. He was out of breath and almost screaming into the phone that their two-year-old son was on the brink of walking.

     The mother ran out of the store without putting anything back. She rushed to her car almost crying with excitement. She had almost given up hope that her son would walk after the spinal surgery, he had to have last year, didn’t seem successful.

     She pulled into her driveway barely turning off the car before jumping out and running full sprint to the door. She threw the door open as she struggled to find her camera that was somewhere in her purse. She burst into the living room where her baby, face wrinkled up and red, was in full concentration. She whipped out her camera and hit record just as he made it onto his feet. Her composure exploded, replaced by a waterfall of tears. She tried to hold the camera steady not wanting her trembling to ruin the shot. She looked up at her husband and smiled brightly, her heart beating harder. Her husband stood behind their son, arms stretched out and stared at his son’s legs, waiting to catch him if he fell.

     The baby dropped to his butt and his parents applauded. The young mother stopped recording, jumped up and ran to the freezer for ice cream, her son’s favorite treat, to reward his hard effort. She gave her baby his well-deserved ice cream. Her husband put his arm around her and they both wept. They smiled and kissed then looked at their son with watery eyes and big smiles knowing there was hope for the future.


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