Pain Can be Funny! or Laughter the Best Medicine

I had an interesting day yesterday. I’d slept a total of 2 hours the night before and it was all my fault, because even though the doc had told me to take painkillers if needed for the pain, I refused. I’ve seen way too many friends addicted to painkillers and I don’t want that to happen to me. I finally managed to get out of bed at around 7:30, with a minimum of trouble, and after answering natures call, I thought, “What the heck, I’m gonna go ahead and take those painkillers and maybe I’ll get some sleep!”

I got back into bed and decided to try laying on my right side for an hour or so and let’s just say that when it’s your right side that hurts don’t tempt fate and like a big dummy lay on that side. While it only took me a few minutes to lay down, it took me two hours to get out of bed. I struggled for about half an hour just to roll over on my left side. I laid there and cried for those two hours until, clenching my teeth, I literally had to throw myself out of bed. I landed on the floor in screaming agony and right in the middle of the scream I started laughing. LOL! Oh man was I in pain, but I have to say that I thanked God that I was alive to feel that pain. I guess the biggest reason I was laughing, was that when I fell on the floor all the stuffed animals I keep on the shelf above my bed fell on my face. I’ve had them since my great-nephew Jewie (Marcus) was 3 years old. We named them together and the little red stuffed fish he named Miss Red fell in my mouth head first and just about choked me. I was planning to make fish for supper last night, but I never thought I’d start the day eating stuffed fish.

Anyway, after laying on the floor for a bit, managed to roll over on to my left side and from there on to my stomach so I could get to my knees. Now I don’t believe in out of body experiences, but I swear I could see myself on the floor with my rump sticking up in the air surrounded by stuffed animals and laughing like a banshee.

I struggled for a bit, but finally managed to get up on my feet with an occasional ‘oww’ and ‘arghh’ and ‘holy Jehoshaphat.’ I laughed between each sharp pain, but I was so grateful that at least I had feet to get up on and hands to support me and an awesome God to help me through this.

All I can say about yesterday is, I’m so glad I can laugh about stuff like this, because when I laugh I feel lighter and happier and I feel like I’ve beaten the poop out of the bad stuff. So whenever you’re going through something that makes you feel yucky and sucky, try and laugh at it. Maybe like me, it’ll make you feel better and you’ll be able to clearly see that your situation could be worse.

Okay, I think I’ll try the sleep thing again. Goodnight everyone. Sleep well.


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