My Magical Rainbow

     I woke up this morning and heard the gentle pitter-patter of soft rain on my windows. Quickly, I pulled my chair over to the window and like an excited child pressed my nose against the glass. A joyful and excited gasp passed my lips, as the sun broke through the clouds and gifted me with a beautiful rainbow. It looked 3-D! The desire to put my hand out and touch it was strong, but I knew I’d be pulled in. Smiling, as I glanced around my room, I put my hand out and touched the rainbow, and the fairies and leprechauns met me on the other side.
I played with them for a while, helping the leprechauns protect their gold and flitting here and there with the fairies. A joyous day full of laughter and fun.
The pitter-patter of the rain came harder and faster and the rainbow melted away as the sun hid behind a cloud. I said my goodbyes to my friends, opened my eyes and smiling made my way downstairs to make breakfast.
Maybe it would rain again tomorrow.


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Thanks for the opportunity!!


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  1. That pulled back to a previous lifetime. Where the summer Felt like a week and you could get bubblegum for a penny.


    • When I was little in West Texas. I’d sit in the tall grass and pretend I was playing with fairies and leprechauns and afterward my little brother and I would walk to the corner soda shop and we’d buy bubble gum and candy for a penny and there were these suckers that we’d buy for a nickle and in the middle of each sucker (we had to make sure we didn’t bite into it or we’d break a tooth) was either a nickle, a dime or a quarter. We’d go in and buy two to three dollars worth at a time and we always came out making more than we spent. We also spent the really hot days at the movies, which cost us a whole bunch!! The movie cost 25¢, the soda and popcorn cost 5¢ each. Man, I’d love it if the prices were the same today.
      Thanks for the comment and the visit. Be blessed.


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