Tweeting? Hahahaha! What’s That?

Sitting here reading all these awesome tweeting poems, laughing like a banshee. Then it strikes me that I have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about; none whatsoever! What the heck is tweeting? I thought that was something only birds did! They can be heard tweeting like crazy outside my window every morning and to tell the truth, they’re tweeting right now.

Reading these poems has sparked my imagination and in my mind’s eye I see all these little birds; robins, black birds, sparrows, an eagle and an occasional parrot that’s escaped it’s cage, sitting on electrical lines or tree limbs opposite each other with teeny, tiny Blackberries or whatever other kind of phone can be used for tweeting and their itty, bitty little claws are going insanely fast on the keys as they send little messages to each other.

“Check out the pretty black bird next door!” ;-)… (drooling)

“Did you hear about Mr. Parrot and Miss Robin?” %-6 (not very clever)

Now I don’t know, but does that make me a twit, or a tweet?


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  1. A good poem. We do also tweet in syllables of life and love. I love it.


    • My great-nieces are trying to explain tweeting to me:
      Jessica: Aunt Alice you use these symbols to get your message across.
      Me: So basically you’re texting each other?
      Jessica: Yes, but we use symbols more than words.
      Me: So in other words, you’re texting each other?
      Jessica: FORGET IT AUNT ALICE!!


      • Posted by Classic NYer on April 29, 2012 at 3:47 am

        Yeah, basically, we’re texting each other. 🙂

      • Yeah, I thought so! She tried to explain it again to me, but I had a dazed look on my face so she walked away with a disgusted look on her face. LOL!!

  2. Maybe a twitterer??


    • I guess that would make me a twitterer. LOL!! My niece tried to explain the whole thing to me today…again! Once again she gave up in despair. Give me the phone, facebook or blogs, then again just talk to me face to face. Have an awesome weekend!


  3. wow, love the title.



    • As I was reading this, I realized that I didn’t know what tweeting was. That’s why I titled it, “Tweeting? Hahahaha! What’s That?” For a minute there I really thought someone was having me on, until I realized everybody knew what the heck tweeting was. Boy was I embarrassed! I called my nieces to ask them what the heck tweeting was, but sad to say that my responses drove them crazy. LOL! I guess I’ll just talk while they tweet. 😉


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