Journeys Await

Wordle:  My Favorite Colors and Words

     Chicago is quite the busy place; people running, walking to and fro. Every now and then I wonder if I’ll ever get used to living in Illinois, but then the aromas of all the different restaurants on 79th St. overwhelm my senses and I come to the realization that not only do I love Chicago, but I’m also hungry.

     Now to choose, what shall I eat, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Puerto Rican, Italian? There are so many choices, but I go straight for the most affordable; besides I really do love Chinese cuisine. I order the number 3-dinner special, plus a mango smoothie and eat and drink slowly, savoring every bite and sip.

     The day has been busy and I’m so tired, but I can’t leave without visiting North Avenue beach on Lake Shore Dr. I lay on a bench with my bag for a pillow; my legs drawn up and crossed. Big sigh! Oh yeah, being lazy for a bit makes me feel so relaxed and the pressure I’ve been feeling behind my eyeballs all day, slowly fades away and I feel the warmth of the sunset on my face. Forcing my eyes open, I find that God has once again, painted the evening sky with colors too incredible to describe…ah, such a feast for the eyes.

     Running to catch the train, for a second I stand totally still under the bridge and my inner child shouts just to hear the echo and laughs gleefully.

     The train finally arrives; not many folks get off the train, but a swarm of worn out folk get on; we can hardly wait to get home. I find myself a comfy seat and sit quietly until everyone is settled; setting my phone alarm I snooze for a bit.

     The alarm awakens me and once again the child in me takes over. Everything is lit up in the City of Lights and it kind of feels like Christmas. Pressing my face against the window I smile with joy.

     Chicago is a wonderful place to visit and work in, but I love being home. I unlock my bike and pedal down Galena Blvd. The Paramount is all lit up again for one of its Broadway productions and for a moment, I wonder what it might be like to actually visit Broadway.

     Shaking my head, I remind myself that tomorrow will be another busy day. I’ll visit the company’s bookstore and hopefully gain some much needed knowledge before leaving for Austin next week. I’ll be visiting the first of my company’s branches; my last stop will be Spain. I’m tired out just thinking about it!

     I’ve never really done much traveling; never really wanted to, although I’ve been to Puerto Rico, Texas and Wisconsin. Is that considered traveling? Nah, I didn’t think so! Now the only place I’ve ever really wanted to visit was Seattle. It may not be exotic, but I’ve always wanted to visit the Space Needle.


     The train passing overhead, the lights twinkling all up and down New York, and Broadway and the Mexican corn truck passing by remind me that tomorrow is another work day. I have to go home, make my lunch for tomorrow and jump into bed. Still smiling I pedal faster.

♪♫  ♪♫  ♪♫  ♪♫  ♪♫  ♪♫

Written for: Short Story Slam Week 27: Locations and Sensations at:

Appreciate the opportunity. Thank you!


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